Almost 30 years ago a group of believers felt called by God to start a church that would be faithful to the principles outlined in the New Testament.  That church is now Bethel Bible Church and it has grown twenty fold since then and now includes two campuses across Tyler.  The original documents establishing the church and governing its operations have served Bethel well during that time but changes in IRS guidelines, Texas law governing non-profits, and the significant growth of the church have led to a need to revise and update these documents.

Over the last year the elders, in consultation with former elders and deacons and with the counsel of a law firm specializing in church law, have been working through a process to consider changes to the documents that control how the church operates.  Several of the drafters of the original documents have been involved in this review, including Doug McSwane and Lee Ridenour.  The Statement of Faith review was led by Ross and included detailed input from the full elder board, the pastoral staff, as well as Dr. Paul Tanner, Chuck Colley, Nick Smith, and Jacob Putnam.  In January 2012, we sought affirmation from the congregation for the current Articles of Incorporation and Constitution to be replaced by an updated Certificate of Formation and Bylaws.

The congregation approved the new documents on February 19, 2012

Governance Documents