Membership Application

If you would like to be a member at Bethel, fill out our online membership application and you will be contacted to schedule a meeting with one of the Bethel elders.  They will listen to your testimony, answer any questions you might have and then make a recommendation to the full elder board at the following monthly meeting. You will then be notified upon acceptance.

While our pastors, teachers and elders affirm their substantial agreement with the full doctrinal statement, members need only agree with these eight essentials:

  1. The authority and inerrancy of Scripture
  2. The Trinity
  3. The full deity and humanity of Jesus Christ
  4. The spiritual lostness of all humanity and need for regeneration
  5. The substitutionary atoning death and bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ
  6. Salvation by grace alone, by faith alone in Christ alone
  7. The indwelling by the Holy Spirit of every Christian at new birth
  8. The physical return of Jesus Christ in glory, followed by His reign on earth.

Statement of Faith

The constitution states that anyone desiring to become a member of Bethel Bible Church must believe in Jesus Christ as their personal Savior, affirm the essentials and submit to the elder board.

If you desire to become a member of Bethel Bible Church...

  1. Do you believe in Jesus Christ as your personal Savior?  Yes No
  2. Do you affirm the essentials within the Doctrinal Statement of Bethel Bible Church?  Yes No
  3. Will you submit to the Church Governance Documents of Bethel Bible Church?  Yes No
  4. Will you submit to the Elder Board of Bethel Bible Church?  Yes No
  5. Will you seek to become involved in service in one of Bethel's ministries/programs?  Yes No
  6. Will you contribute regularly to Bethel's financial needs?  Yes No
  7. Will you participate in a Newcomers/Discover Bethel class within a year of membership (unless already completed)?  Yes No

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Prior Ministry Experience

Spiritual Gifts, Skills and Talents

What spiritual gift(s) and artistic, technical or business skills and talents do you have that you might be willing to share with Bethel on an "as-needed" basis (e.g., gift of mercy, teaching, computer knowledge, dramatic arts, sign language, etc.)?